We are pleased to announce that on December 14, 2023, Igor Drabkin will be speaking at a Strafford Publications webinar entitled “Navigating the IRS Independent Office of Appeals: Achieving Favorable Settlements, Avoiding Litigation“.

This course will provide tax advisers and professionals with an advanced guide to navigating the IRS appeals process. The panel will go beyond the basics to offer an in-depth guide to leveraging the appeals process to challenge not only assessments but also collections proceedings. The webinar will include specific examples of navigating each stage of the appeals process.  While many practitioners view the Appeals Office as a last resort measure and focus on trying to reason with a revenue agent, the structure of the Appeals Office and the powers vested in an Appeals Officer may lead to a resolution that cannot be achieved during the examination, and without litigation.  The IRS Independent Office of Appeals is charged with the mission of acting to “resolve tax controversies, without litigation, on a basis which is fair and impartial to both the Government and the taxpayer.” As a component of the mission to avoid litigation, Appeals Officers possess broad powers to resolve taxpayer protests and challenges. The appeals process has several essential steps that CPAs and tax professionals must navigate. For tax advisers representing clients in IRS disputes, a thorough understanding of the policies and procedures of the Appeals Office is essential to resolving tax controversies.

The webinar scheduled for Thursday, December 14, at 1:00pm-EST. Here is a link to the program description.  As a speaker for the upcoming program, I can offer 10 free registrations. You can register using by clicking here or by sending an email to Daisy Morales at d.moralessantana@straffordpub.com .